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Feel as if you're running around like a chicken with it's head cut off?

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When you have to balance work, kids, relationships, - not to mention your checkbook - things can get a little hectic. You can feel like a walking zombie (with a sore back) that just isn't feeling up to par. Or capable.

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Stress is caused by many factors. Not enough time. Seemingly certain failure. Too many bills, not enough cash.

Millions of people are stressed out everyday. But when it's you, it feels like you're the only one. The only one running from one place to the other, working your tale off to make everything meet.

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If you need a break, but there isn't one in sight, the best thing you can do is find a way to manage the stress better. To attack it.

The truth is a little stress is good for you (and can even give you superhuman powers, see page 5 of my report). Learning how to take the bad stress, recycle it, and turn it into good stress will change your life.

In this 50 page report, I show you over 101 ways to combat stress and bury it. It comes in a downloadable file that you can be reading in just minutes from now.

Here Is Just Some Of What You Will Find Inside...
  • How stress can turn you into a superhero able to do things you thought only occurred in comic books. (Page 5)
  • How to relax your mind with imagination. (Page 9)
  • How to create a room in your house that forces you relax. (Pages 32-35)
  • How to relax even when you're on the go with this 5 minute relaxation technique. (Page 20)
  • 67 more natural stress busters to tear down the frustration. (Pages 21-26)
  • The secret power that can be unleashed by keeping a stress diary. (Page 6)
  • Why stress and physical relaxation cannot co-exist - and how to leave the stress behind for a moment's rest. (Page 10)
  • The secret to emptying your mind before you try to sleep. (Page 21)
  • How to analyze your stress diary (without paying for a psychologist). (Page 7)
  • The secret to deep breathing for deep relaxation. (Page 11)
  • 7 key components of keeping a stress diary. (Page 6)
  • 4 factors that are sure to bring stress. Know them before you deal with them. (Page 12)
  • How to stretch those muscles that will leave you feeling relaxed. (Page 26)
  • How identifying stress can increase your quality of life. (Page 5)
  • How to deal stress a knockout blow by dealing with negative thoughts effectively. (And putting them in their place.) (Page 13)
  • A powerful sense you can use to combat stress easily and effectively. (Page 29)
  • 37 stress busters that will lead you to peace. Learn 5 and watch your life change for the better. (Pages 15-17)
  • The mysterious (healing?) power of laughter. (Page 17-18)
  • Massage these to relieve back pain. Hint: It's not where you think. (Page 19)
  • The secret power of rational thought. (Pages 13-14)
  • When you've been working all day, here's how to let the stress out. (Page 20)
  • How to dissolve stress and live in the moment. (Page 7)
  • The secret behind stress discovered over 70 years ago. (Page 4)
  • The major mistake most people make that leaves them feeling stressed. Hint: You should be doing it anyway. (Page 8)
  • The element that's more important to your body than food and water. (Page 29)
  • 7 targeted relaxation exercises to soothe your mind and body. (Pages 41-47)
  • The secret Dr. Benson of Harvard discovered to help you feel relaxed in any situation. Hint: It's called the "Relaxation Response." (Pages 11-12)
  • 6 stress fighting techniques to add to your daily repertoire. (Pages 37-38)
  • 10 "magic" scented formulas to make your surroundings smell like you've been transported to paradise. (Pages 29-32)
  • How to use "belly breathing" to bring in more oxygen and calm your body. (Page 19)
  • 10 most stressful life events you can ever encounter. (Page 47)
  • How to turn a night at home into your own personal home spa experience (Note: leave stress at the door). (Pages 35-37)
  • The insider's secret to progressive relaxation that will leave you feeling like a bag of feathers on a water bed. (Page 11)
  • 30 examples of how seemingly "stress free" people deal with their problems. (Pages 38-40)
  • 7 steps to "breath awareness" that will calm your body long term. (Page 41)
  • What successful people do when they need to take back control of their lives. (Pages 8-9)
  • The stress-reliever hidden inside a smile. (Pages 26-27)
  • An easy stress assessment test to find out how stressful your life is compared to others. Do you have more than 5 symptoms? (Pages 48-49)
  • And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

The Secret To How Some People Almost NEVER Seem To Be Stressed...

Do you know anyone who never seems to be stressed out? It's maddening isn't it! What is their secret?

I've got each trick from three such people written down in my report. Pages 38-40 will tell you the difference between these people who seem to glide through life. And you.

Finally, you'll have insight into the "easy" lives of stress-free freaks! Then...

...see how easily you can leave stress behind! Even if your life is more hectic than a packed rock concert, just apply a few of the other tips in my guide to your daily life. You WILL notice a difference.

Having trouble sleeping at night because you've just got too many things on your mind? Try this proven exercise that will wipe your brain clean like a chalkboard eraser.

Believe me, when you decide to use this technique tonight (it's on page 21) you will finally get a good night's sleep - no matter what is bothering you!

And a body that's working on a full tank of gas is under much less stress than one on empty.

Look...I know from personal experience that you CAN kick stress into touch once and for all, and turn yourself into a truly laid-back person! I want to make this as easy as possible for you to IMMEDIATELY get going and start your new stress-free life.

So...when you get "Power Tips To Immediately Zap Stress From Your Life" I'll also throw in the following bonuses WORTH OVER $100, COMPLETELY FREE ...

The Stress Management Self-Care Checklist

This Checklist will help you establish where the actual sources of stress are in your life.

Then, it will take you step-by-step through specific exercises designed to help you really get a hold on each different source of stress so that you can manage it more effectively.

Depression and Anxiety - 7 Coping Strategies That Work

If you feel that your stress is causing you anxiety and perhaps depression - then this concise ebook is for you!

It gives you 7 coping strategies that will immediately help you to start leaving all of your anxieties behind!

The Depression and Anxiety Checklist and Worksheet

This simple Checklist will help you narrow down the areas of your life that are causing you problems.

It will help you to focus on what you initially need to look at, and gives you the opportunity to really think about finding solutions rather than looking for problems.

10 Ways To Ignite The Passion In Your Life

Ever found yourself admiring someone because of their zest for life? Their passion shines through in everything they do! Wouldn't you love to be like that?

Now YOU can find that same enthusiasm within you when you discover the ten techniques that you will discover in this fantastic ebook.

The Transforming Stress Into Success Program

Here's what you'll learn from this amazing Program...

  • How managing your financial stress can be one of the finest gifts you could ever give to yourself.
  • How to accept the fact that eliminating all stress is not the solution
  • How to unearth ways to add fun to your life while reducing family stress.
  • How to tackle the overwhelming fear that comes with this worsening economy
  • How to stop packing on stress by worrying about your health or the health of a loved one.
  • How to implement ways to simplify your life
  • How to move from the fatigue of worry during this recession to feeling energized and invincible.

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